How To Design Custom Military Coins

welcome-coinsBefore coin makers manufacture your custom military coins, you need to specify some things first. The outcome of the design will depend on your own preference. Usually, the design should match the event’s theme or coin’s purpose.

Designing your own military coin is not as easy as you might think, especially if you are still a novice. In some cases, a person may have visualized a certain insignia, but it is difficult for him to transfer it on paper. Sometimes, the design you want may not appear exactly the same on its outcome, especially if the design is complex. This activity requires the participation of your creative mind. You no longer need to join an art tutorial class in order to come up with a magnificent coin design. All you need is to activate your creativity.

In planning the design, you should concentrate on the important elements such as the symbols, color, style, theme and originality of the coin. At, we’ve made it easy, fast and fun to order custom coins! The theme must embody the vision of the military organization. Custom military coins should contain the name of the organization.

Once you have decided on the theme, it will be your basis in picking your coin’s colors and symbols. It would be more efficient if the chosen theme is something that you are very familiar with. You should also match the lettering style with the theme. You may choose from plain or 3-dimensional text. Even the smallest details such as lines and curves must be considered. If you want to promote your organization’s motto, mascot or logo, you should think of a way wherein you could creatively incorporate it into your design. Remember that too many elements are not advisable for a good coin design.

One of the important elements you should consider is the color. This element makes the outcome more symbolic and pleasing to the eye. Usually, two to three colors are carefully chosen and combined. If it is your first time to design a coin, it may take some time and imagination to find the suitable color combination for the theme. One common technique in testing color combination is through the use of a color wheel. In this way, you can clearly see if the selected colors complement each other. This is a trial-and-error task. Try different color combinations until you get the perfect color combination for the theme.

Another significant factor to consider in designing custom military coins is originality. This factor is important because the coin is a representation of the group. If your design is quite similar to other custom military coins, then people may not recognize it correctly. They may think that it is a coin from other organizations. This will just confuse military members of different organizations. Thus, your coin should be unique and extraordinary.

coinssAfter designing the coin, let the members comment on the design. Ask their suggestions for further modifications of the coin. Bear in mind that this coin is not only for you, but for the whole organization as well. If they are already satisfied, then you can send the design to a renowned coin maker. Make sure that everyone agrees with the design before passing the design to the coin maker.In negotiating with the coin maker, you will be asked about the quantity and size of the coin. As for the quantity, it would be better if the number of coins is more than the number of members. In this way, you can ensure that everybody gets a coin in case some coins were lost or damaged. In terms of size, a typical coin is about 40 to 50 millimeters. It would be better if the coin is not too big.